In my work I concentrate on what we put in our body - FOOD. 

Wholesome nutrition together with physical activity is one of the main building blocks of health, however not the only one. Taking into account the whole person: their circumstances, emotions, overall health and lifestyle as opposed to concentrating on a specific isolated problem is what makes a naturopathic approach so effective and so different from any other.

Take charge of your health 

With more than half the modern population suffering from a chronic health problem, and an estimated one in three people having an allergy of some sort, we seem to be surrendering ourselves to the inevitable invasion of ill health as we grow older.  But is an invasion of “modern” illnesses and the expected rapid decline of wellbeing as we grow older all that inevitable? Is it something we can’t change? To what extent can newly acquired or inherited conditions be influenced by the environment we live in, and particularly the food we eat? 


The answer is a surprisingly remarkable one. Food has a very powerful effect on quality of life, and can make a difference between “healthy living” and “miserable surviving”. 


To have a healthy relationship with food is very important: obsessing about it is not much healthier than not paying any attention to it. My aspiration is to educate about food, the power of nutritional healing and to allow everyone to make the first and simplest step towards personal health.

Naturopathy or Nature Cure is all about the Healing Power of Nature. What we eat, think and feel on a regular basis eventually becomes what we are. As naturopaths often say: Your biography becomes your biology. The human body has an inbuilt intelligence and an amazing capacity to heal itself, if given the right conditions. Often for healing to take place, all it takes is to stop bombarding yourself with substances that provoke inflammatory reactions and contribute to many chronic conditions. Only in the relaxed state can the body's natural mechanism optimally function and do the repair work that is needed. On-going Stress on the other hand seriously jeopardizes self-healing


What is Naturopathic Nutrition? 


.."to get overly obsessed about diet is not healthy either. It’s more important to have a healthy relationship with food so that you can feel at peace just as you are right now. I tend to believe that the more you love and accept yourself, the happier you feel and, in turn, the healthier your body gets".

Love is the ultimate superfood

Kute Blackson, life coach