Since an early age, I have always had a keen interest in medicine and helping to cure people and animals. Having spent many of my school holidays at my grandparent’s farm house, I learned some basic natural cures that are still widely used by older generations of Russians, especially in rural areas. I remember my great grandmother using herbs and simple foods to treat our many childhood aches and pains, from upset stomachs  to colds and fevers, from bruises to stye and sunburn, the  list goes on…


This childhood interest in natural healing never really disappeared, and was enriched by the unique multi cultural experience of living in both Asia and the Far East... Due to the nature of my parents’ work, I spent my childhood between the two most unlikely geographical locations:  India and Russia, absorbing the traditions of both cultures. I grew up equally at ease with the simple and wholesome food of rural Russia, as well as spicy Indian curries and chutneys. Both culinary traditions were an integral part of everyday life… The wisdom of traditional cures was never too far away…

When I graduated with an MA in Chinese language & Oriental Studies, an exchange program took me to China. There, I came face to face with the ancient traditions of Chinese medicine, an interest which led me to work for two and a half years as an interpreter and assistant for a traditional Chinese doctor.


My interest in holistic healing and natural ways of maintaining health, was greatly enhanced by my experiences  when travelling in Kerala, ( the centre of Aurvedic medicine in India). Based on the  individuality of different types of human beings (doshas), Aurveda stresses the importance of an  individual approach to healing different types of people, and the significance of mind-body connection.


This journey inspired me to take a professional 3 year degree course at the College of Naturopathic Medicine in London, where I gained my Diploma as a Naturopathic Nutritional Therapist.


I am passionate about educating people how to heal yourself using the power of your own inbuilt ingenious mechanism of self-repair. What I do is all about how to create that much needed environment in which your body can start effectively dealing with its problems and diseases and how to support your body in its work. The result of this integrated approach can be a real miracle of healing of something you have long given up on. 


I am a registered and fully insured Nutritional Therapists currently practising in London.